ClockMonk is an free time tracking software that notes and analyzes productivity at work. It is a tool that has been chosen by the startups and large enterprises that employ hundreds of people. ClockMonk helps office workers to manage their day, saves time, boosts work efficiency and motivate them to work at 100% of their potential.


ClockMonk helps to easily manage your remote teams by increasing the productivity, track time & cost and taking screenshots. It is filled with features that can be a practical use for every person that wants to get more out of their time spent at work.

One of the foremost features of ClockMonk is it costs $0 Forever for the organizations which has up to 10 employees.

Yes, you read it right! ClockMonk is Free Forever for the organizations which has 1-10 members.

Time Tracking

See time spent working and on breaks

  • ClockMonk tracks the time worked by each and everyone on your team, and gives you a breakdown by client, project, and task.
  • It helps you to track the time spent working and time wasted and also to identify the inefficiencies.


Automated screenshots help track activity

  • ClockMonk captures Screenshots of employee monitors at every 5 minutes (or turned off).
  • It helps you to monitor exactly what your team is doing and how. By this, you can identify time wasting, distractions, and inefficiencies.
  • Screenshots are only taken when team members indicate that they’re working to eliminate privacy concerns.

Clients Feature

Track time to clients and projects

  • Give your clients access to ClockMonk at no extra cost.
  • Your clients can view screenshots and reports of tasks worked on.
  • Your clients will be restricted to seeing only data about work that you’ve done for them, rather than all work done in your company.

All Devices

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iPhone

  • ClockMonk can be used on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones – wherever the work is, we track it.
  • ClockMonk can be used at 0 Cost on any platform.

Time Use Alerts

Alerts remind you if you are idle for long

  • Employees get pop-up or notification alerts if they sit idle for too long, or if they are back from sleep mode.
  • Sitting idle for too long will be notified as, “You are in idle mode for long. Please start the timer to continue”

Activity Monitoring :

  • ClockMonk is Free Forever for its first 10 users.
  • It provides you help to track your employees’ activities during their work time at 0 Cost.
  • So you can easily monitor where they are in the project and how they are working.

Dashboard View

When you open Clock Monk admin application you can see the Dashboard which shows the employees in an Organization and the projects they are working on with the activity (in %)

Time Entry Monitor

When you open Time Entry in Clock Monk admin application you can see the detailed analysis of how you spend your day at work starting with the time of your arrival and overall view of your productivity and effectiveness.

View Screeshots

Further you can find the View Activity button on time entry page which shows how you are spending every five minutes of your workday by capturing the screenshots.



  • If you are running an LARGE ENTERPRISE, ClockMonk lets you to create multiple organizations with multiple users.
  • For STARTUPS you can create up to 10 Users with $0.

Users & Projects


ClockMonk provides its best services for startups and Large enterprises especially Free Forever for its first 10 Users.


  • You can create users and projects under an Organization and assign the projects to the users created.
  • So it will help you to track their activities on their particular projects.
  • Track in which project they are working on and how much time they spent on each projects with 0 cost.

For creating a new user to the Organization all you have to do is give their name, Email address, a strong password, their role in that project and assign them projects (one or more than that).


You can also change your employees details by clicking on the Users section and choose a member of your team then you can make the necessary changes if it is a change of their role in your company or the projects they are working on.


ClockMonk is very price convenient and is further classified as per the need of the users, having different packages of features and pricing.

As we said earlier ClockMonk is completely free for its first 10 users.

  • First 10 users of ClockMonk will be free with all the features of selected plan

  • ClockMonk provides you unlimited screenshots

  • Offline tracking is available

  • Captured data & screenshots will be cleaned up in 30 days


  • You can get use of all the Free plan features for Large Enterprises also.

  • For more details about pricing,

    Contact : [email protected]

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ClockMonk Installation

To start Tracking your projects click on the ClockMonk icon on your desktop and start a timer for a certain project and see your progress in the Dashboard section.

ClockMonk application is designed to run in various platforms such as Mac, Windows and Linux.

1. To download ClockMonk in Mac OS follow the steps given here.

2. To download ClockMonk in Windows OS follow the steps given here.

3. To download ClockMonk in Linux OS follow the steps given here.

In addition to this, ClockMonk can be run in your favourite clouds at 0 Cost.

Yes, it is Free Forever on any platforms !

People who can benefit from ClockMonk

ClockMonk is a lot more than just a time tracking application it appears to be at first glance. It is a multi-functional platform full of features that work well for employers and employees alike. On top of that, it is designed keeping in focus businesses that employ personnel who work mostly in individual capacity without direct access to each other.

However, ClockMonk benefits different teams in different ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Agencies

    Agencies typically employ a lot of freelance talent to meet the tight deadlines of their clients. Because of this mix between full time and freelance, using a time tracking app like ClockMonk is beneficial for any agency. They can make sure they accurately pay all their team members for their work without worrying about the differences in pay rates or employment status. At the same time they can easily create accurate invoices ready to be sent to clients.


  • Architecture and Law firms

    Firms, just like agencies, utilize a lot of freelance talent and have a lot of clients to keep up with. By using time tracking software, firms can properly bill clients and draft invoices while still being able to pay their members and track productivity for ongoing projects.


  • Freelancers and Consultants

    As a freelancer or consultant, you’ve got a lot of hourly clients to juggle. Making sure your billing each client for the correct amount of time you’ve spent on their work is vital (considering they’ll only want to pay you for the hours you’ve put in on their projects, not someone else’s). By tracking your time, you can accurately log time-sheets for each client, impress them with your efficiency, and send out invoices to get paid for all the work you do.


  • Small businesses and Startups

    Both startups and small businesses have many moving pieces at one time. To balance ever-changing team members and out-of-the-ordinary work schedules, implementing time tracking makes keeping tabs on everything a lot easier. Managers and owners won’t have to deal with manual time-sheets, meaning that’s one less thing on your desk to review.

Obviously, where there’s business, there’s got to be some sort of tracking – of every meaningful metric, whether it’s time, expenses, revenue, productivity, and so on.

Well, once again, pretty much everyone. Let’s take a look at a few foremost benefits you can get from ClockMonk are,


Time : Time tracking gives a line-of-sight to how long it takes your team to get tasks done. Managers can better prioritize future projects and team capacity.


Money : Accurately track time and easily see where your money is going. Monitor project budgets and re-prioritize tasks if something isn’t paying off the way you had planned for.


Productivity : Using a time tracking app like ClockMonk allows teams to stay on task with ongoing projects. See where any potential hiccups are in the day-to-day, and use that insight to create strategies to help your team be more productive in the workplace.

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